Stephanie Lovae Photography


"Photographs are a true moment captured in time. They are your life story. Your family story. Your legacy. They live on when you're gone. Make certain you're leaving a good one."


Hi! I'm Stephanie.

The lefty behind the lens.

I'm a Cancer and my zodiac sign is the Crab, I'm left-handed, considered sensitive with a zest for life and my middle name is Lovae... all sounded so negative to me growing up, but I've learned to embrace all of me over time and to appreciate what makes me who I am today. The creative right-side of my brain that can't quite be wrangled by my overly organized left side of the brain. After a decade plus in advertising at some of the largest Michigan Ave agencies in Chicago, I left my career in strategy and heels to bring life, make that three lives, into this world. I also found my passion in photography. I am captivated when I can take a photo of a moment and bring it to life on my screen or canvas. Photography is a perfect marriage for me between the right and left brain. It’s a science-based activity that hinges on the technical understanding of the camera and my creative ability to use light, composition, aperture and shutter speed to create art. I've never felt more satisfied, challenged and fulfilled than I do now at this point in my life. I adore sushi, cooking, writing, gardening, photographing my babies and documenting our life. I love making connections with every person I meet. 

I've got an artistic eye, a heart of gold, patience, determination, loyalty, experience and a passion for making connections in life. I bring connection through my photography.


About Me

Mother to three fabulous babies and wife to my hard working, playful, successful husband who has also been my biggest cheerleader encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and build this business. We have dance parties in the kitchen, popsicles poolside and winter wonderland outings in this gorgeous city of Chicago that we love so much. I'm almost always trying to capture these moments. I feel blessed by the life we live and I am driven by my passion to document as much of our life together as possible. My ambition in life changed direction once I had my babies. Now my biggest ambition is to give my family the most fulfilled, loving life I possibly can. To fill my children with confidence, pride, ambition and courage. To encourage them to be strong and brave, honest and kind. I want them to hear their own voice and be as true to who they are as possible. I want to provide them with undivided attention and help direct them to an amazing future. My hope for them is they become loving people; compassionate, giving and thoughtful. I want them to give back to their world and find their place, their fate, their uniqueness that will bring them peace and  happiness and happiness to others. I want them to look in the mirror and understand their full worth, to know they are loved so completely and we wanted each of them badly. I want to instill ambition and drive. I also want them to witness all of this through my example as well as understand the importance of working hard to fulfill your destiny. I want them to recognize our personal struggle to get where we are today with the ability to provide this life for them. It's a lot of hard work and never, ever giving up. This life journey is complex and difficult. They will never be without our love and support. Our life is complete chaos sprinkled with mommy's intuition, perseverance and creativity and daddy's down to earth, get it done, black and white, all or nothing attitude. We make it work. Their happiness is the most important thing in the world to us. So is the occasional outing to Arlington Race Track to watch the horses race as a family. 

(photo credits: Stephanie Kelley Photography, Brenda Jean Photography, Tracy Joy Photography)


I have a bachelor of science degree in integrated marketing communications with a double minor in advertising and business marketing. My advertising career for 13+ years in Account Services at several top Chicago Michigan Avenue agencies provided another unique situation to challenge both my left and right side of the brain. As an account service leader, I made connections with everyone in the agency to accomplish projects as well as with each of my multi-million dollar Fortune 500 clients, much like an orchestra conductor. This fulfilled my type A personality and desire to organize and oversee a project from the beginning to the end. I equally called upon my creative side to approve photo shoots, commercial editing, oversee music and voice over sessions and design layouts for magazine ads and billboards, animation for television ads and design work for conferences. I worked with a World-renowned Chicago-based photographer on a Time Magazine cover for our client the American Medical Association. And won an Emmy for an integrated ad campaign for the Chicago Transit Authority. I bring consistency and communication to my sessions along with patience and thoughtful presence.