Stephanie Lovae Photography

Child + Family


"Our greatest gift, our most important part of life. The ones we hold so dear to our hearts. The reason for our being."


Family Session $350 (Outdoor Sunrise or Sunset)

We will capture your family being together as one. I’ll ask your child or children to run around you while you’re in an embrace, then ask them to run to me, snapping photos the whole time. I’ll ask you to all cuddle on a blanket, or lay down and look at the sky while I capture your togetherness as a family. Holding hands and looking at each other. Hugging, loving, kissing, rolling around and tickling and giggling. Those are the cherished moments we want to remember. That connection. The authentic family moments we live but are so fleeting. I want one-on-one moments with each for a quick portrait and individual time with mommy and daddy or significant other. We will also do some posed, looking at the camera photos. Our main goal is connection. The point is to feel the moment, to live in the moment and to be able to relive it all over again later in our lives.  That is the story, the memory, the legacy.